Lonoke remains positioned on the vital Interstate 40 east-west corridor, paralleled by U.S. Highway 70

About Lonoke

Hometown to over 4,200 residents and a regional hub for agriculture and aquaculture production, Lonoke, Arkansas is a diverse and welcoming community. Creatively named by railroad surveyor and civil engineer Major Rombaugh for the single “Lone Oak” tree visible for miles on the vast Grand Prairie, the town was incorporated in 1872 and is the county seat of Lonoke County. While the lone red oak is long gone, the streets of Lonoke are now lined with decades-old trees extending a lush canopy over historically significant homes within walking distance of the downtown Lonoke Historic District. With neighborhoods anchored by parks and schools, Lonoke offers a unique mix of rural life with convenience and affordability. The town’s close proximity to Little Rock provides easy access to world-class healthcare, state government resources, and numerous institutions of higher education.

While once the site of the U.S. Army aviator training facility Eberts Field during World War I, Lonoke is now the home of the Remington Arms ammunition manufacturing facility and of the world’s largest freshwater fish hatchery, operated by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Though the rail lines no longer run through the heart of town, Lonoke remains positioned on the vital Interstate 40 east-west corridor, paralleled by U.S. Highway 70, which intersects Arkansas State Highway 31 at Front and Center Streets in Downtown Lonoke. Whether traveling west into Arkansas’ capital city, or headed east into the Delta, the town of Lonoke is a welcoming front porch, inviting travelers and residents alike to slow down and enjoy a slice of small-town life.

Lonoke School District

Mission Statement: The mission of the Lonoke School District is to create an environment that provides all students with academic skills and responsible citizenship.

Vision Statement: The vision of the Lonoke School District is for our students to become responsible and effective leaders of society.

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