Animal Control

The City of Lonoke Animal Control department’s purpose is to enforce the regulations regarding the possession, ownership, care and custody of domestic animals within the City of Lonoke and to assist in the prevention of animal cruelty. The City of Lonoke operates its own Animal Shelter and works diligently with other agencies to adopt any animal that is not reclaimed by its owners. The City of Lonoke also enforces its leash law and has breed specific legislation upheld by the Arkansas Supreme Court regarding the ban of Pit Bull Dogs and/or any mixture of this breed.


Animal Control Ordinances

Click here to view Ordinance 400

Click here to view Ordinance 496 “Vicious Animals”

Click here to view Ordinance 551 “Banned Breeds”

Click here to view Ordinance 679


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Adoption Fees:

Female CaninesMale Canines

*Pain medication and antibiotics are included in this price if prescribed

Rabies Vaccination for 1-year$10

Complicated Surgery$25-$50
Charges for Services:
Daily Pound$5 X ___ days
City Tag$3

*There is no animal pickup after normal business hours unless due to an emergency