Business Licenses

Obtaining a business license is a simple process, and our staff in the Water Department will be happy to guide you through the application. Whether a recent graduate, an experienced agriculture professional, or a seasoned industry executive, the soil of Lonoke is rich for developing new ideas and needed services for the region.

To obtain a Business License in order to run any kind of business within the Lonoke City limits, the City of Lonoke requires a copy of your Federal Tax ID number and your State Sales Tax Permit (if applicable). The fee is $55 per year and is renewed annually on August 15th. You can apply within the Water Department or call 501-676-6658. If you would like to operate a business out of your home, please check with the Administration office first to see if your home address is eligible for the type of business you wish to have.

To apply for a Door-to-Door Sales Permit/Solicitor’s license, you must meet the requirements of Ordinance 654 – Regulate Door to Door Solicitation.