Mayor, Trae Reed

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2019 Elected Official Contact List


Expectations for Lonoke City Officials

Resolution 1-1-2019 Establishing a City Code of Conduct


City of Lonoke 2019 Operating Budget

Resolution 1-3-2019 Adopt the 2019 Operating Budget

What Ward do I Live in?

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City of Lonoke Planning Commission


Registering to Vote

To register to vote please contact the  in Lonoke County Courthouse – Voter Registration office 501-676-3098.


City Council Meeting Schedule

Lonoke City Council meetings are public and are held the second Monday of each month unless the meeting falls on a state holiday, then council will meet the following day. To be added to the meeting agenda, please contact Regina Ibbotson in the Mayor’s office at least one week in advance and return the completed Public Comment Form form no later than noon on Thursday before the meeting.