Leaf Pick-Up

Street Department

The City of Lonoke Street Department works diligently to manage and maintain all city properties, streets and right-of-ways and keep them free from hazards, as well as running the leaf & limb collection schedule. They also handle all pick-ups/drop offs during our Spring and Fall Clean-up.

Leaf Pick-up
Leaf and Limb pickup is provided once a week to all citizens on the city’s water service. The city will pick up your leaves and limbs at the front of the property in which you live. If an individual/company is hired to cut your limbs/trees, they are responsible for removing them from your property.

Leaf and Limb map


City Curbside Pick-up
$50.00 per load
$25.00 for a single item

No charge for cardboard, scrap metal, or electronic waste

Only normal household items are authorized for disposal.

Absolutely no commercial or industrial waste and no hazardous materials of any kind (i.e. paints, petroleum fuels, flammable liquids, corrosives, batteries, tires, explosives, or compressed gasses.)

The only exceptions are the scheduled spring and fall clean up.